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Haralan Dobrev's talks

Open-Source Contributions

I gave the closing talk at OpenFest 2016. It was about why and how to contribute to open-source software. I talked about the problem of bringing more contributors to open-source, why people should contribute and how it would benefit them. Gave some tips on how to start contributing and do also do open-source at work.

Video should be available soon.

Upgrading to PHP 7

Lightning talk given on Bulgaria PHP conference 2016 about the path of upgrading from PHP 5 to PHP 7.

Reusable Service Providers

Technical talk explaining basic concepts li,e Dependency injection, Dependency inversion principle, dependency injection container and going to service providers and reusing service providers across frameworks.

Some projects for reusing containers and service providers mentioned are PSR11 and container-interop.

Composer Tips & Tricks

Composer is a PHP dependency manager. I've shared some tips and tricks on using it which might be useful for more heavy users or package maintainers at a Bulgaria PHP user group meetup.

Development workflow

I've talked at the Bulgarian Web Summit 2014 about development workflow best practices. The main points in the talk were source control, GitHub Flow, unit tests and continuous integration.

10 Things I Learned from the jQuery Source

I gave a talk at jQuery Bulgaria 2013 conference called 10 things I learned from the jQuery source. It was of course heavily inspired by the two similarly named screen casts by Paul Irish.

I've tried to find 10 new things in the jQuery source and especially some new things which were added to jQuery after his posts.