Contributing to Open-Source

Open-source in 1998

Halloween documents

Open Source Initiative

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Open-source today

Governments are embracing open-source

Organizations with the most open source contributors

  1. Microsoft logo Microsoft 16, 419
  2. Facebook logo Facebook 15, 682
  3. Docker logo Docker 14, 059
  4. Angular logo Angular 12, 841
  5. Google logo Google 12, 140
  6. Atom logo Atom 9, 698

Source: GitHub Octoverse 2016

We have a different problem now

Open-source is taken for granted

Maintainers ≤ Contributors < Users

We need more contributors!

But why to contribute?

I want YOU to open source! meme

Giving back to the community?

For the greater good?

contribute because it helps

Who am I?

Haralan Dobrev



Contributor, not a maintainer

Benefits from contributing

Learn from the best


Tools and best practices

Workflows and processes


Personal image

Remote work

Save the world

How to contribute?

Start now

Report an issue

Familiarise yourself with the project

Improve the documentation

Add a test

Pick an issue and take action

What is stopping you?

Things you don't know




Impostor syndrome

Your company doesn't allow open-source

You don't know how to code

You don't know Git

You don't know where to start

Open-source at work

Myth: Only big companies do it

Myth: We don't have the money

Myth: Agencies cannot do open‑source

Talk about it, act now

Mental health

Open-source mental illness




You need to find your own drive

Take action

Start digging

Pass it on